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Categoria Bimotor a pistão
Modelos BARON G58
Ano 2013
Horas totais 520
Nº de Assentos 1 + 5
Localização da Aeronave:

Sorocaba - SP - Brasil

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Tel (2): 55 (15) 3327-9666
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Falar com: José Barth
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Horas totais de célula: 520


Horas totais(TTSN): (D) 520 / (E) 520

Dual manifold pressure.
Dual tachometers.
Dual fuel fl ow with electronic fuel fl ow transducers.
Fuel totalizer.
Dual individual cylinder head and exhaust temperature indicators with engine leaning assist.
Dual oil pressure/oil temperature.
Dual fuel quantity.
Engine sync display.


Horas totais(TTSN): (D) 520 / (E) 520

Teledyne Continental Gold Standard Edition six cylinder IO-550-C fuel injected engines rated at 300 horsepower each.
Hartzell three blade, aluminum alloy, 77’’ diameter, constant speed propellers featuring Hartzell’s new blended airfoil technology, full feathering, and polished spinners.
Propeller Unfeathering Accumulators
Propeller synchronizer.
Gear driven alternators.
Dual pressure auxiliary fuel pumps.
Induction air fi lters.
Stainless steel exhaust manifolds.
Full fl ow oil fi lters.
Non-congealing oil radiators.

Aviônicos e Rádios

Garmin G1000 fully integrated avionics glass panel fl ight deck with a large-format, high-resolution display system consisting of:
Dual high defi nition color LCD displays - GDU 1040 10.4” primary fl ight display (PFD) and 1045 multi-function display (MFD) with XGA (1024 x 768 pixels) resolution, wide viewing angles, adjustable backlighting and clear sunlight readability.
MFD features video input for external camera display (optional unlock required to activate input port).
GPS/Comm 1 - Garmin GIA 63W IFR oceanic, WAAS enabled TSO C145a approved GPS receiver LPV/LNAV/VNAV with 16-watt communications transceiver (118.000 to 136.992 MHz with 8.33 KHz channel increments).
GPS/Comm 2 - Garmin GIA 63W IFR oceanic, WAAS enabled TSO C145a approved GPS receiver LPV/LNAV/VNAV with 16-watt communications transceiver (118.000 to 136.992 MHz with 8.33 KHz channel increments).
Nav 1 - Garmin GIA 63W VOR/ILS/LOC receiver tuning (108.00 to 117.95 MHz).
Nav 2 - Garmin GIA 63W VOR/ILS/LOC receiver tuning (108.00 to 117.95 MHz).
Transponder - GTX 33 ES integrated transponder with ADS-B.
AHRS 1 - Garmin GRS 77 integrated solid-state attitude heading and reference system, and GMU 44 magnetometer
ADC 1 - GDC 74A MOD 1 integrated digital air data computer.
Audio/marker system - GMA 1347; audio control panel and six place stereo intercom system with associated aural tones and digital clearance recording/playback.
TAWS B - integrated Class-B terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS) with worldwide terrain or domestic terrain and obstacle database displayed on the MFD.
TAS - GTS 820 Traffi c Advisory System with dual directional antennas.
EIS engine indication advisories - function of MFD or PFD in reversionary mode.
Two GEA 71 engine airframe data concentrators displayed on MFD.
AFCS - GFC 700 three-axis, WAAS integrated automatic flight control system (AFCS) with LPV approach, coupled VNAV, (VNAV on descent only) altitude alert, flight level change, pitch hold, and go around mode; Flight director (FD) provides pitch and roll guidance and the GSA 81 autopilot servos perform internal calculations for optimum performance.
WX data link - GDL 69A
XM Satellite – weather and radio receiver with wireless two-way remote control [Subscription service required- Applicable to North America Only].
Garmin SafeTaxi (US Only) and Garmin FliteCharts provide electronic display of airport and fl ight navigation charts on the PFD (Subscription services are required at the buyers cost).
Radar - GWX 68 digital 4 color, vertical profi le weather radar.
Hand-held microphone (mounted on end of armrest between pilot’s and copilot’s chair).
Synthetic Vision Technology.
Cockpit speaker.
Static wicks.
Avionics master switch.
Avionics cooling fan.
Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) - Artex ME406 operating on 121.5 and 406 MHz with cockpit switch.
Vertical speed.
Turn coordination.
HSI - horizontal situation indicator/heading.
Dual alternator load meters.
Dual bus voltmeter.
Magnetic compass.
Flight hour recorder.
Standby three inch airspeed indicator.
Standby three inch altitude indicator.
Standby three inch electronic attitude indicator with 45 minute battery backup

Equipamentos Adicionais

Radome Boot.
Exterior high solids polyurethane paint.
Complete internal polyamide epoxy corrosion proofi ng.
Quick removable fuel tank caps.
Fuel sight gauge - each wing.
Stainless steel cabin assist step.
Nose baggage compartment lined with upholstery blanket and fl oor covering.
194 gallon fuel tanks (total)


Pilot’s and copilot’s seats with adjustable ‘waterfall’ headrest, adjustable lumbar support, shared armrest, inertia reel shoulder harness with matching lap belt, seat back adjustment and seat height adjustment.
Pilot’s sidewall storage pocket
Club seating arrangement:
Aft facing 3rd and 4th seats with adjustable ‘waterfall’ headrests, adjustable lumbar support, shared armrest, inertia reel shoulder harnesses with matching lap belts and four position cam lever seat back adjustment.
Forward facing 5th and 6th seats with reading lights, air outlets, adjustable ‘waterfall’ headrests, and inertia reel shoulder harnesses with matching lap belts.
All seating locations have task lights and conditioned air outlets.
Integrated Executive writing desk on left side.
Sidewall is a modern molded contour that provides maximum cabin width and comfort.