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US$ 189.900,00
Categoria Experimental e Ultraleve
Modelos COLT
Ano 2020
Horas totais 0
Nº de Assentos 1 + 1
Nº de Série TX005
Matrícula N106TX
Localização da Aeronave:

Hondo - Texas - Estados Unidos

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Informações Gerais

Modern Design Built on Decades of Experience.

Texas Aircraft started in 2016, but our heart was formed decades earlier. We have been passionate about aviation since childhood. As adults, after years of practicing law and growing businesses around the world, finally, the time came to follow our dream and build an all-new, modern LSA deep in the heart of Texas. And we knew from the beginning that we wanted Brazil’s “Godfather of light aviation” Caio Jordão to design our first plane. So we tapped legendary father and son design team, Caio and Diego Jordão who have more than 300 planes amassing approximately 150,000 flight hours to their credit—including Brazil’s most popular light aircraft the Conquest 180—to design the Colt. In creating a truly new-generation LSA the Jordão’s and their team took everything that was great about the popular Conquest and made it even better.

The result is the Colt–an all-new, value-priced LSA that is sleek, stylish, safe and most of all, a lot of fun to fly—and it’s the only American made LSA featuring a trifecta of superior features:

1 - Semi-cantilever, high-wing design
2 - All aviation-grade aluminum airframe with all solid metal rivets
3 - A welded chromoly passenger safety cell with an optional GRS ballistic parachute.

We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

In 2018 we also designed and built an all-new manufacturing facility specifically for Colt production in Hondo, Texas just west of San Antonio; where our honest, hardworking artisan team members (many are U.S. veterans who bring military precision to each step in the build process) use advanced equipment and fabrication techniques to create individual components which are then individually hand-crafted and assemble into a Colt especially for you. We’d love to talk with you, learn your needs and answer any question you have.


During its design and development, Texas Aircraft designed and built special load-testing jigs to statically stress the Colt’s welded chromoly fuselage and wings. The wings were stress tested to up to 6gs – which is higher than required by the ASTM S-LSA standards. The all-new Texas Aircraft Colt’s airframe is crafted out of aviation- grade aluminum with solid metal rivets and the Chromoly steel tubing is hand welded into an extremely strong passenger safety cell.


Horas disponíveis(TBO): 2000

Take The Reins of 100 Horses.

The Colt features the highly-reliable Rotax 912 ULS engine featuring:

100 horsepower at 5,800 RPM
2,000 hour Time Between Overhaul (TBO)
Four-cylinder/Four-stroke with liquid/air-cooling
Dual carburetors
Mechanical fuel pump
Dry sump forced lubrication with separate oil tank with automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet


Horas disponíveis(TBO): 2000

Texas Aircraft’s engineering team worked with Sterna Propeller’s specialty composites team to design a custom three-blade composite propeller specifically for Texas Aircraft’s Colt.

Aviônicos e Rádios

Dual G3X Display PFD
· GTN 650Xi Display
· G5 Backup Display
· Three-Axis Auto-Pilot
· Dual Comm
· Transponder
· Dual Alternator
· Heated Pitot
· Luxury Leather Interior
· Two-tone Custom Paint
· Full Break System

Equipamentos Adicionais

It Takes Just Seconds To Save A Life.
Keeping your safety as our number one priority, our engineers have complemented the Colt’s built-in structural integrity with a state-of-the-art ballistic parachute (optional on Colt-S), welded chromoly steel safety cell (CrMo, Chrome Molybdenum Steel), four-point Hooker, passenger harnesses, Dynon SkyView with 3-D graphics, synthetic vision, and more.