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CIRRUS revela novidades do desenvolvimento do jato CIRRUS VISION

A fabricante lançou um programa de atualização trimestral do desenvolvimento do seu jato executivo.

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CIRRUS revela novidades do desenvolvimento do jato CIRRUS VISION

A Cirrus Aircraft recebeu convidados do mundo todo durante um evento especial na NBAA em Atlanta - Georgia, onde fez uma completa atualização nas informações do programa de desenvolvimento do CIRRUS VISION, o jato monomotor cujas entregas tem previsão de se iniciarem em 2013. São quase 450 clientes já confirmados com mais de 10% deste total, de clientes Brasileiros.




Comunicado oficial:

Dear Future Cirrus Vision Pilot,As you may recall, we have presented the last two Vision Jet updates by webinar with about 100-200 attendees online. We later posted this presentation to our website for others to see.


For this quarter's update, Cirrus returns to a online only presentation as our Executive Team, Chief Flight Test Pilot and I have been traversing the East Coast with Inside Cirrus Events and Vision Jet flight demonstrations. Over the past couple of weeks we have met with hundreds of our SR22 owners and Jet Position Holders in Norwood, MA, Toronto, ON, Albany, NY, Oxford, CT, Morristown, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Manassas, VA, Raleigh-Durham, NC, Concord, NC and Charleston, S.C. You still have time to join us at one of these events and can view the event calendar here.At many of these events, Cirrus will have both the flight test jet and the full scale jet mockup as well as the latest SR22T. Bose® and Garmin® join us in partnership at these exclusive events to introduce you to their latest technologies.


Of particular recent interest was the opportunity for Mike Stevens, our chief flight test pilot, to make a presentation at the National Symposium for the Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP) in Anaheim, CA in September. There are very few ground-up aircraft flight test programs and hundreds of test pilots, military officers and defense contractors were very impressed with the design, progress and safety that Cirrus was conducting with our SF50 program. We are proud to report that Mike had many nominations for the best paper.


In our update, we will cover the following items:


- Supplier Selection
- Takeoff and Landing Performance
- Pitch - Thrust Coupling
- Pressure Vessel Testing
- Parachute testing.


As you get closer to being a jet pilot, remember to train and fly like a professional pilot. Doing this in a Perspective-based Cirrus SR22 is your best preparation for your Vision jet type rating. You may still utilize 50 percent of your jet deposit toward the purchase of a new SR22. And we announced significant purchase opportunities now through the end of the year that make this the best time to buy your new Cirrus.


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